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Index, A History of the - Dennis Duncan

In this episode Libreria welcomes writer, translator and lecturer Dennis Duncan. In his new book “Index, A History of the” Dennis enthuses about how the book index came to be, its uses and abuses - featuring the classic anecdote about Norman Mailer’s vanity - and the influence of the index on the internet and Google.

Michael Pollan & Dennis McKenna

In this episode Libreria welcomes two legends in psychedelic research, the award-winning author Michael Pollan and the brilliant ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna, as we discuss how psychoactive plants impact our brain and culture.

Sevastopol - Emilio Fraia & Zoe Perry

In this episode Libreria welcomes Brazilian writer and editor Emilio Fraia and translator Zoe Perry. Emilio has been selected by Granta magazine as one of the best Brazilian writers of his generation, and is the first Brazilian writer to be translated into English for the New Yorker magazine. Zoe Perry’s translation of Emilio’s Sevastopol has been published by Lolli Editions. Zoe’s translations of contemporary Portuguese-language writers have appeared in The New Yorker, Granta and Words Without Borders.

Ahead of the Curve - Franco Stevens talks to Libreria

Libreria is privileged to be joined by Franco Stevens, founder of Curve magazine, which was created to offer greater visibility of the queer and lesbian community. We chatted briefly about her life, work and legacy, which is the subject of the documentary, “Ahead of the Curve”. To learn more about The Curve Foundation’s work visit thecurvefoundation.org

The Rag and Bone Shop: How We Make Memories and Memories Make Us - Veronica O'Keane

Libreria is joined by Veronica O’Keane, Professor of Psychiatry and practicing Consultant Psychiatrist at Trinity College Dublin. Her book The Rag and Bone Shop distils a lifetime of practice and her understanding of memory, offering insights into psychiatry, neuroscience and literature.

Collective - a discussion with the director Alexander Nanau, Roger and James Deakins, and Libreria

Collective, the double Oscar-nominated documentary by Alexander Nanau follows a team of investigative journalists whose tireless work uncovers a shocking fraud, revealing the price of corruption and ultimately, the price of truth. Libreria and Second Home are joined by the director and Roger and James Deakins to discuss Alexander's film and its intentions. Made possible by Magnolia Pictures, Participant and Dogwoof.

White Feminism: From the Suffragettes to Influencers and Who They Leave Behind - Koa Beck

Koa Beck, former editor-in-chief of Jezebel, is joined by Katrine Marçal to discuss how capitalism’s focus on the individual is inhibiting feminism’s progress towards true equality for the collective.

New Passengers - Tine Høeg

Lloyd Sowerbutts is joined by Danish prize-winning author Tine Høeg and translator Misha Hoekstra, to discuss Tine's free verse novel "New Passengers", published by Lolli Editions.

You Know You Want This - Kristen Roupenian

Kristen Roupenian came to prominence with the publication of her story ‘Cat Person’ in the New Yorker magazine back in 2017. Having caused quite a storm it is described as the first short story to go viral. Editor of Ladybeard magazine Madeleine Dunnigan caught up with the author down the line in the US.

Apeirogon - Colum McCann

Today’s guest won major plaudits for his 2009 novel Let The Great World Spin winning the National Book Award in the US. He’s also been nominated for an Oscar and was awarded the prestigious Chevalier arts prize in France. But today Paddy Butler caught up with Colum McCann down the line in New York to discuss Apeirogon, a breathtaking new work.

Weather - Jenny Offill

Today’s guest is a leading light in the vanguard of experimental fiction - announcing her credentials with her 2014 novel Dept. of Speculation, this year Jenny Offill followed up with a marvellously rich and comic tour de force. Her new novel Weather etches with droll precision the thinking, breathing mind of its central character, Lizzie.

Future Fossils

Covering anthropology, literature, art, history and our propensity to use science to dominate space and place David Farrier describes some of the binding ideas behind his new work, Footprints - In Search of Future Fossils.

Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany

Paddy Butler interviews cultural critic Uwe Schütte (down the line in Berlin), on his layered little book, Kraftwerk, Future Music from Germany. They discussed the concepts behind such killer albums as Trans Europe Express and Computer World.

David Lynch & Hans Ulrich Obrist - The Pursuit of Artistic Authenticity

Superstar curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the enigmatic auteur, David Lynch discuss painting, unrealised projects and the uncompromising pursuit of artistic endeavour.

Determining Art in Science – Conrad Shawcross

We go off site for this episode to enter the world of sculptor Conrad Shawcross – At his studio of wonders the artist walked us through the evolution of his ideas.

Transcendence - Gaia Vince

Author of Adventures in the Anthropocene and the first woman to have been awarded the Royal Society’s prize for science writing Gaia Vince, discusses her new book.

Language Unlimited - David Adger

Paddy Butler catches-up with the ever engaging and brilliant linguist David Adger to discuss his much praised new book, Language Unlimited: The Science Behind Our Most Creative Power.

Magic - The Libreria Room

Curator Madeleine Dunnigan is joined by tarot card reader Shy Charles, poet Nisha Ramayya and performance artist Joseph Morgan Schofield to discuss magic in contemporary culture.

Black Literary History: An African Perspective

Back in October we celebrated Black History Month at Libreria welcoming authors Inua Ellams, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi and founder of Libreria Ghana, Sylvia Arthur. For this podcast co-founder of Literanda Alessandra Bassey discussed African literary history with Jennifer and Sylvia.

Lisa Taddeo – Three Women and the feeling of Aloneness

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo is really making waves at present and, because of its subject matter, has opened up further important points of discussion about abusive relationships and vulnerability. Clémence Billoud of Second Home caught up with the author for a fascinating discussion.

New Nostalgias - Lucy Caldwell and Dana Czapnik

Author of Multitudes, Lucy Caldwell and Dana Czapnik (The Falconer) were at Libreria for our New Nostalgias event back in September and we made a live recording of their chat. They discussed women writing about sport, John Updike and the last analogue generation.

Carlo Rovelli - Einstein, Kant & Dante

For this extended episode we travelled to Marseille University to catch-up with physicist and author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics Carlo Rovelli.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

For this special edition filmmaker Posy Dixon and experimental musician Glenn Copeland discuss Copeland’s extraordinary creative philosophy. At 75, and on his first tour, Copeland’s pioneering ambient music of the late 70s early 80s is finally getting the recognition it thoroughly deserves.

The Outlaw Ocean

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ian Urbina cumulatively spent three years at sea documenting global injustices including trafficking, slavery and illegal fishing – the heroic author discusses his incredible book, The Outlaw Ocean.

The Libreria Room : WATER

How does our relationship with water play out in literature and what does this tell us about ourselves? Madeleine Dunnigan is joined by Sophie Mackintosh (author of The Water Cure), Lou Stoppard (writer & curator) and Edinburgh University research fellow Alexandra Campbell for the first edition of The Libreria Room.


Nell Zink, the incomparable author of Wallcreeper discusses generational discord and the effectiveness of punk as a form of protest.

Let Me Not Be Mad

Author of Let Me Not Be Mad, AK Benjamin, challenges our often narrow assumptions regarding mental health – and how institutions invariably fall short when dealing with employee welfare.

Queer Futures

Curator Madeleine Dunnigan talks to author of Queer Intentions, Amelia Abraham and the author of Good as You, Paul Flynn about the importance of queer spaces in shaping their individual selves within the LGBTQ community

Paul Mason - Capitalism in the Dock

What does it mean to be human and how do we think about this in our digital age of turbo-charged capitalism? Paddy Butler speaks with the brilliantly forthright author of Clear Bright Future.

Caspar Henderson - Interior Worlds & Cosmic Couriers

From the psychological trauma of Dostoevsky to the cosmologically monumental, Caspar Henderson discusses some of the wonders of the universe from his book, New Map of Wonders.

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