One Small Voice - Santanu Bhattacharya

In this episode the microphone is passed on to Libreria bookseller Buitumelo, who has invited debut author Santanu Bhattacharya, to chat about his recent novel One Small Voice, which was published by Fig Tree. 

Santanu Bhattacharya’s debut novel One Small Voice introduces us to the epic tale of a young man's life and journey through India, starting in the early 90s. We bear witness to Shubhankar’s life from a boy - who witnesses a hate crime that no one around him addresses or wants to acknowledge - to a man nicknamed, Shabby - who is faced with his own fragility and yearning for a freedom that sometimes feels unattainable. 

This intimate, delicately narrated novel will hold each reader by the hand and heart. Bhattacharya is rightly deserving of one the Observers Best Novels for 2023.
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